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Positive Mental Training is featured in February 2011 RCGP News: click here to read it.

Our mission is to promote positive mental health through positive mental and emotional training, helping you to achieve your maximum potential and realise your ambitions.

You can transform your life. With mental training and hypnosis therapy you can become more able to change in the way that you wish, more able to achieve a good work-life balance, more able to find happiness and satisfaction, and more able to fulfil your life-long ambitions.Our wide range of hypnosis CDs are available to order or choose our hypnosis Mp3s to download directly to your computer so you can start improving your mental health right now!

Steps for Stress
We are very happy to be working with the Scottish Government on their new anti stress campaign ‘Steps for Stress’.  You can see us demonstrating relaxation techniques on their website in ‘Relax Me Now’. You can follow the experiences of individuals who were taught these techniques and are in the process of practicing this relaxation. There are also personal stories from local people who have used the relaxation techniques from our programme of ‘Positive Mental Training’. The first CD of this programme is all about relaxation and incorporates the techniques shown on the ‘Relax Me Now’ videos. Because of our commitment to the aims of the Steps For Stress campaign, we are making available a free relaxation track for you to use. You can download this now, by clicking here. Listening to this regularly can help you experience even deeper relaxation. Please note this is copyrighted and only for personal use.

Mental training is built on the twin skills of physical and mental relaxation. These skills provide the foundation for positive mental health and the right platform on which you can create permanent change with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

All of our self help hypnosis CDs incorporate these relaxation skills. Many of our programmes focus on a specific goal such as weight loss or stopping smoking. For more information see the Products Page.

Uniquely we also bring you Positive Mental Training - a 12 week programme for building core mental skills to help you perform better in all areas of your life, both professional & private. This programme can help you develop your personal mission in life so that you feel fulfilled and happy. Recent research suggests that Positive Mental Training is also an effective self help treatment for alleviating the symptoms of depression. (Please note, our products are not intended to replace conventional therapy by a doctor or other health professional, always consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your mental health). If you are thinking of using it for depression please click here.

Mental training is like going to the gym - without the effort and pain. It is a mental ‘workout’ where you can train your mind to make the changes you want that are best for you. You can master your negative thoughts, overcome stumbling blocks, lose your anxieties and depression and see the future with a clear positive vision.

Our hypnosis therapy CDs and hypnosis therapy mp3s use hypnosis therapy techniques to help you create change. Hypnosis is a natural state we go in and out of automatically. For example, daydreaming is a hypnotic state, when you are aware of your surroundings but not consciously engaging with them. Another example is driving a car and suddenly noticing that you have arrived without really remembering how you got there. When you are in a trance state your conscious mind is relaxed (free from anxiety) and your unconscious mind is more able to create new solutions to your problems. This does not just mean resolving simple problems such as what shall we have for dinner, or where did I leave my keys, but also means working on more intangible problems such as how can I be happier in my relationship, or what sort of job do I really want. By learning to harness and use the trance state you can boost these problem solving abilities as well as increasing your positive feelings and your positive vision of the future.

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Relaxation Exercises (via www.vimeo.com)
Muscle relaxation exercise
Simple breathing technique
How Positive Mental Training helps Stress and Depression (via www.vimeo.com)
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